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SM11R4 Interlinked Smoke Alarm (SCDF Approved)


  • Interlink-able to up to 30pcs
  • Elegant and modern design with slim side profile
  • Loud alarm (>85dB)
  • TUV  Rheinland certified (EN:14604)
  • Can combine with HD11R Interlinked Heat Alarm (purchase separately)
  • Can be operated with SM11R4-RC Remote Control (purchase separately)
  • 10 Years Battery Warranty
    Only applicable with a review, else 3 years battery warranty applies
  • 10 Years Product Warranty
  • FREE & FAST (2 Business Days) Shipping
  • Unsure of how many smoke detectors needed? Get a quick recommendation here.
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With up to 30 units interlinkable in a cluster, no corners in your home are left unmonitored.

SM11R4 Interlinked (30pcs)

Always Connected Through Walls & Doors

Operated on 433MHz radio frequency with GFSK modulation allows longer transmission distance and improved walls & doors penetration to ensure all smoke detectors remain connected ALWAYS.

Radio Frequency 433MHz

Add In Heat Alarms To Create An All-Rounded Fire Threat Detection

This model of interlinkable smoke alarm can also be linked with HD11R heat alarm (to be purchased separately) to provide heat detection in areas such as kitchens where smoke alarms are not recommended for installation due to the high grease, high smoke environment.

SM11R4 Interlinked HD11R and Remote Control

Modern & Elegant Design

Say goodbye to old school heat alarm design. SM11R4 is sleeker and slimmer than other heat alarms and it fits perfectly into your house decor, regardless of the theme.


10 Years of Continuous Power

Powered by lithium battery, our smoke detector provides 10 years of continuous smoke detection, every day of the year.

No BatteryChange

Carefully Calibrated Photoelectric Sensor

Not all photoelectric smoke detectors have the same level of sensitivity. Our smoke detectors are subjected to different household environment and smoke density to get the best balance of sensitivity, in order to ensure that we only alert you when there is a real fire threat.

Photoelectric Chamber

Anti Dust Design

We also eliminate false alarms with a revolutionary anti-dust design around the photoelectric sensor chamber, blocking out dust particles which may otherwise trigger an alarm.

No Ceiling Too High To Reach

There should not be a need to have to use a ladder / stool whenever you want to test the smoke detector. Testing is made easy with the remote control option (to be purchased separately) where you can easily test or silence the alarms with just a press of the button.

SM11R Remote Control Front With Battery

Don’t want the remote control option? Testing is made easy with our big test button (marked orange), which is the entire surface of the smoke alarm. Doesn’t matter if it’s HDB @ 2.6m, or Condominium @ 3 – 3.6m, or even Landed with ceiling height upwards of 3.6m. All you need is just an extendable pole.

Test Silence Button

Hassle Free Installation

No mess, no hassle with double-sided industrial grade 3M PE foam tape. Simply peel off the protective layer and stick our smoke detector up on the ceiling. Of course, if you want to go the traditional way, that is fine as well with our provided wall anchor plugs and screws.

Double Sided Tape & Screws

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 120 × 120 × 40 mm

EN 14604:2005/AC:2008

Power Supply

DC3V Lithium (CR14505)

Battery Life

10 Years


>85dB within 3m

Wireless Frequency


Wireless Transmission Distance

100m in open area


Up to 95%RH

Operating Temperature

-10°C – 50°C

Installation Method

Ceiling Mounted


ABS fireproof material




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Smoke Detectors (2)

This FAQ serves to guide you on what to do in event of false alarms in smoke detectors.

A false alarm is an event where a smoke detector is triggered but there’s no smoke around. False alarm is usually caused by some fine particles entering the smoke sensing chamber. As these particles move around in the chamber, they affect the photoelectric behaviour and may trigger the smoke detector.

This is the reason why we do not recommend installing smoke detectors in dusty, greasy, high humidity or windy areas. You can refer to this post to find out where to avoid installing smoke detectors. If you have smoke detectors in any of these areas, you may have to consider relocating that smoke detector.

If the smoke detector isn’t in any of these areas, then it may be just sheer luck that some fine particles entered the smoke sensing chamber of the smoke detector. In this case, perform a maintenance on the smoke detector. You can refer to this post on how to how a simple cleaning of the smoke detector.

There are 2 ways of maintenance:

  1. Vacuum cleaner
  2. Compressed air duster

Compressed air duster (#2) is the preferred option but if you do not have a canister of compressed air duster, the vacuum cleaner option is a good alternative.

If after doing maintenance with vacuum cleaner and false alarms persist, then you may have to consider purchasing a compressed air duster. You can find them from Lazada or Shopee.

If after doing maintenance with compressed air duster and false alarms persist, you may have to consider relocating that smoke detector even though it may not be installed in any of abovementioned dusty, greasy, high humidity or windy areas.

Category: Smoke Detectors

I still have some questions on smoke detectors.

Check out our extensive Smoke Detectors FAQ here.

I have a question that is not in your FAQ. Can you help me?

Yes, definitely. Simply whatsapp @ 8815 8752 or email to on your question and we would help to address it. You can also read up our Ultimate Smoke Detector Guide as it contains more in-depth information on smoke detectors.

Category: Smoke Detectors

Warranty & Returns (3)

How to do a remote return?

Smoke Detectors

All smoke detector replacements will need to have the original unit returned to us.

  • If it is an on-site replacement, we will collect back the original unit on-site.
  • If it is a remote replacement, you will need to send us back the original unit. See section Remote Return.

Remote Return

  1. In the package that has your replacement units sent to you (please note only the smoke detector will be included, accessories will not be included) , you will find the following items as well:
    • Additional courier packaging bag
    • Bubble wrap bag(s)
  2. Once you have installed the replacement units, please pack the original units into the original packaging boxes that comes with your replacement order.
  3. Put the packaging boxes into the provided bubble wrap bags (1 bag for each box).
  4. Put the packaging boxes into the additional courier packaging bag and seal it.
  5. Whatsapp us @ 88158752 when this is completed.
  6. We will arrange a pickup and email/whatsapp you an airway bill (AWB) within 24hrs.
  7. You have to print out this AWB and slot into the clear pocket of the courier packaging bag. This step needs to be completed before the Registered Date printed on the AWB.
  8. Collection will happen on the Registered Date, between 10am – 6pm.
Category: Warranty & Returns

Blaze Guard will conduct an on-site battery replacement if the smoke detector enters LOW BATTERY MODE (refer to instruction manual) within warranty period.

  1. 10 Years Battery Warranty applies only if the condition below is met:
    1. a review/recommendation has been given. Refer to this link for step-by-step guide in giving a review/recommendation.
  2. For avoidance of doubt, if #1.1 is not done, only a 3 years battery warranty applies.
  3. 10 Years Battery Warranty excludes the battery source for the wifi-base of the Wifi Interconnect Smoke Detector.
  4. Warranty period counts from date of purchase.
  5. Blaze Guard will conduct an on-site battery replacement if the smoke detector enters LOW BATTERY MODE (refer to instruction manual) within warranty period.
    1. On-site replacement is only for detectors installed <3m in height. For locations >3m, you will need to arrange handyman services to take down the detectors for us to do battery replacement.
  6. On-site battery replacement request must be liaised with Blaze Guard via email: first.
  7. Original invoice showing date of purchase is required.

Category: Warranty & Returns

Warranty registration is not required.
All items are inspected thoroughly prior to delivery.


  • Warranty registration is not required to qualify for warranty. Simply ensure you keep the email invoice (don’t delete it).
  • All items are inspected thoroughly prior to delivery. Where possible, a picture will be sent to consumer first before delivery.
  • Blaze Guard reserves the right to refuse any 1-1 exchange if the defect is deemed to be caused by consumer, intentionally or unintentionally.

Smoke Alarms

  • 10 years battery warranty (T&C applies)
    In absence of a review/recommendation to our Facebook page, a 3 years battery warranty will apply instead.
  • 10 years product warranty excluding battery
  • 100 days fully refundable trial (T&C applies)
  • 7 days 1-1 exchange for physical defects
    • Includes only the following:
      • Cracks on smoke alarm

Fire Extinguishers

  • 7 days 1-1 exchange for physical defects
    • Includes only the following:
      • Scratch marks on fire extinguisher that are clearly visible from a distance of 30cm
      • Broken safety clip
      • Cracked pressure gauge
  • 1 year 1-1 exchange if pressure gauge falls out of green zone

Category: Warranty & Returns