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Maintaining Your Smoke Alarms

    Maintenance of Smoke Alarms

    Weekly Alarm Testing

    Test the smoke alarm weekly for correct operation by (usually) pressing the test button. The smoke alarm should generate a loud continuous string of beeps.

    • If it does, congrats, your alarm is working! Pressing the test button would stop the beeps.
    • If it doesn’t, determine if it’s a case of dead battery by replacing with a new battery. If the test still fails with a new battery, you should replace the smoke alarm as soon as possible (we recommend immediately). If the smoke alarm is still in warranty, you can contact your supplier as well.

    Cleaning Smoke Alarm

    It is recommended that you clean your smoke alarm at least once per month. Over time, fine dust builds up around the smoke detector housing and that can either reduce sensitivity or cause false alarms.

    Using A Vacuum Cleaner

    Use a vacuum cleaner with soft brush to vacuum all sides and covers of the smoke alarms.

    1. Set to the highest power of the vacuum cleaner for a more effective clean.
      Vacuum Set To Highest Power
      Set To The Highest Power Possible
    2. Focus the vacuum on the smoke sensing chamber portion.
      Vacuum Smoke Detector
      Focus On The Smoke Sensing Chamber

    If you have a high ceiling, you may need to use a ladder to reach the smoke alarm. Please take care while climbing the ladder.

    Using Compressed Air Dusters

    Sometimes you may need to use compressed air dusters to clean your smoke alarm, especially despite after using vacuum cleaner, your smoke alarm continues to have false alarms. This usually means some fine particles (eg dust, pollen etc) had got into the inside of the smoke sensing chamber. A vacuum cleaner may not have sufficient suction power to suck out these particles, given that we are only able to vacuum the exterior of the smoke alarm.

    Simply direct the nozzle of the compressed air duster at the smoke sensing chamber and press to discharge a stream of powerful air jet. This usually will be able to remove any fine particles that are causing the false alarms.

    Air Duster To Clean Smoke Alarm
    Focus On The Smoke Sensing Chamber

    Repeat the process around the smoke alarm.

    You can easily get compressed air dusters online (eg Lazada, Shopee) or from hardware shops. They last a while and makes maintaining smoke alarms a breeze!