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    How to do a remote return?

    Smoke Detectors

    All smoke detector replacements will need to have the original unit returned to us.

    • If it is an on-site replacement, we will collect back the original unit on-site.
    • If it is a remote replacement, you will need to send us back the original unit. See section Remote Return.

    Remote Return

    1. In the package that has your replacement units sent to you, you will find the following items as well:
      • Additional courier packaging bag
      • Bubble wrap bag(s)
    2. Once you have installed the replacement units, please pack your existing units, including all accessories into the original packaging boxes that comes with your replacement order.
    3. Put the packaging boxes into the provided bubble wrap bags (1 bag for each box).
    4. Put the packaging boxes into the additional courier packaging bag and seal it.
    5. Whatsapp us @ 88158752 when this is completed.
    6. We will arrange a pickup and email/whatsapp you an airway bill (AWB) within 24hrs.
    7. You have to print out this AWB and slot into the clear pocket of the courier packaging bag. This step needs to be completed before the Registered Date printed on the AWB.
    8. Collection will happen on the Registered Date, between 8am – 11pm.

    Should there be any missing items / accessories that are not included in the return, Customer will have to bear the cost of delivering those missing items / accessories back with tracking.

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