10 Years Battery Warranty Terms & Conditions

  1. You are either a Singapore citizen, Singapore resident, Employment Pass holder, S Pass Holder or Work Permit holder to qualify for this 10 Years Battery Warranty with our smoke alarm.
  2. 10 Years Battery Warranty applies only if both conditions below are met:
    1. the smoke alarm has been registered for warranty with Blaze Guard.
    2. a review/recommendation has been given. Refer to this link for step-by-step guide in giving a review/recommendation.
  3. For avoidance of doubt, if #2.2 is not done, only a 3 years battery warranty applies.
  4. Warranty period is 10 years from date of purchase of , NOT date of warranty registration.
  5. Blaze Guard will conduct a 1-1 exchange if the smoke alarm enters LOW BATTERY MODE (refer to instruction manual) within warranty period.
  6. 1-1 exchange request must be liaised with Blaze Guard via email: support@yourblazeguard.com first.
  7. Original receipt showing proof of purchase and date of purchase is required.
  8. 1-1 exchange can only be done in person at a location mutually agreed.
  9. The following item(s) must be returned as part of 1-1 exchange:
    • Smoke Alarm
  10. Warranty is strictly limited to only one (1) 1-1 exchange per smoke alarm purchased. This also means should the replacement smoke alarm enters LOW BATTERY MODE within 10 years of date of purchase, a 1-1 exchange will not be considered.
  11. Blaze Guard reserves the right to refuse a 1-1 exchange in the event of physical damage to the smoke alarm, including but not limited to, stains, cracks, breakages, or liquid damage (spills, soiling) resulting from inappropriate use by any one.