10 Years Battery Warranty Terms & Conditions

  1. 10 Years Battery Warranty applies only if the condition below is met:
    1. a review/recommendation has been given. Refer to this link for step-by-step guide in giving a review/recommendation.
  2. For avoidance of doubt, if #1.1 is not done, only a 3 years battery warranty applies.
  3. Warranty period is 10 years from date of purchase of , NOT date of warranty registration.
  4. Blaze Guard will conduct an on-site battery replacement if the smoke detector enters LOW BATTERY MODE (refer to instruction manual) within warranty period.
  5. On-site battery replacement request must be liaised with Blaze Guard via email: support@yourblazeguard.com first.
  6. Original receipt showing proof of purchase and date of purchase is required.