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Who Are We?

Blaze Guard is a distributor of smoke alarm and designer fire extinguishers in Singapore. Our focus is the residential space where we see there's a noticeably lack of fire risk awareness and want to increase the awareness. Many of us would have recalled the high occurrence of residential fires last year, a total of 2,862 fires, of which 1,168 are residential fires

Home is supposedly the safest place for our families, yet at times, it becomes the most deadly place for us, especially if fire breaks out in the night when everyone is sound asleep. We spent tens (some maybe hundreds) of thousands of dollars in renovation to make a house feel like a home, yet we spend close to nothing to protect it, its inhabitants (us) and the memories built over time against fire risks.

We strongly encourage all household to install at least 1 smoke alarm and have a fire extinguisher that is within ease of reach. Our smoke alarm is of acrylic and metal finish, a standout from the commonly seen plasticky smoke alarms you see retailing outside. Our fire extinguishers are designed to not be put in a dark corner in the storeroom but to be displayed in the open living room as a piece of decor, while fully functional as a fire extinguisher.

Blaze Guard

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Some Of Our Products

Home Use Smoke Detector

SK-20 With Box

Red Wine Bottle Fire Extinguisher

Red Wine Fire Extinguisher

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