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MQBS50 Fire Extinguisher


  • Strontium nitrate based
  • Function as 1kg ABC dry powder fire extinguisher
  • Easy to operate with English instructions on product
  • Ergonomic design for easy and accurate discharge towards fire point
  • Non-pressurized
  • No regularly servicing required (since non pressurized)
  • Long shelf life up to 4 years
    • Subsequent replacement purchase @ 25% discount
  • Less residue and stain for easier clean up
  • Lightweight @ 500g instead of 2kg
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An Effective Fire Fighter For Your Home & Your Car

Extremely fast extinguishing power in a small (24cm x 5.3cm diameter)  and lightweight (500g) form factor that anyone can handle. A traditional 1kg dry powder measures 34cm x 9cm diameter and weighs as much as 2kg. That’s 4 times the weight of our fire extinguisher.

Suitable for all common household fires such as solid (Class A), liquid (Class B), gas (Class C) and cooking oil (Class F) fires. Equally effective against electrical fires (Class E) which is the most common type of fires in Singapore.

An additional advantage over traditional fire extinguisher is that our S100 fire extinguisher contains cooling agent to quickly suppress high temperature of fire.

S100 Fire Extinguisher

3 Step Easy Operation

Operation is extremely easy as well. Just 3 steps:

  1. Pull out safety lever
  2. Aim at base of fire
  3. Squeeze yellow button to start discharging
  4. Swing from side to side at base of fire

How To Use S100 Fire Extinguisher

Our S100 fire extinguisher continues to discharge once activated till it’s empty. This allows you to have a higher chance of putting out the fire by focusing aiming at the fire base, instead of wasting energy and strength to continuously press down the lever to discharge in the case of the traditional fire extinguisher.

S100 Usage

Its discharge distance of > 2 metres allows one to fight the fire without being too close to the fire source. Its ~8 seconds discharging time also gives one ample time to put out the fire.

Usage instructions are also clearly printed on the product itself.

S100 Instructions

Environmentally Friendly With No Residue / Stain On Discharge

The unique strontium nitrate mixture as an extinguishing agent is environmentally friendly as well. It also leaves almost no residue or stain on the area it was discharged to. This makes cleaning up much easier than traditional dry powder fire extinguisher.

S100 Aerosol vs Standard Dry Powder

No Risk Of Explosion

As the S100 is non-pressurized and its extinguishing agents are solid state, there’s no risk of explosion in event of an accidental drop. In fact, during testing, S100 remains fully functional even after dropping from a height of 2 metres.

S100 Drop & Water Resistant

S100 is also water resistant. After submerging in water for 8 hrs, S100 continues to be functional.

No Servicing Needed

Again, as S100 is non-pressurized, there is no leakage of pressure, such as in the case of the traditional fire extinguisher. This means no servicing is required for our S100 fire extinguisher.

Servicing Not Required

Long 4 Years Shelf Life

On top of not requiring any servicing, it’s built to last for 4 years! All these make the S100 the perfect fire extinguisher for your home.

S100 4 Years Lifespan

25% Replacement Discount

“What happens after 4 years?” you may ask. You are recommended to dispose of the extinguisher and purchase a new one. To help with your replacement, we will send you an email reminder and offer you a 25% discount for replacement. Terms & conditions apply.


Weight 490 g
Dimensions 242 × 53 × 53 mm
Extinguishing Agents

Strontium Nitrate – 100 grams

Extinguishing Spray Time

> 8 seconds

Extinguishing Spray Distance

2-2.5 metres


4 years


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