OSD-01 Smoke Alarm

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  • Purchase 2 or more to get a FREE 1.5m x 1.5m Fire Blanket.
  • VdS Certified for corrosion endurance testing & battery service life testing
  • SCDF approved (SCDF’s list of HFAD suppliers)
  • Listed in Best In Singapore’s Best Smoke Detectors for Home Safety 
  • Photoelectric smoke detection mechanism which is more effective in detecting smouldering fires
  • 10 years 3V lithium battery
  • Anti-dust, anti-insects design for minimal maintenance efforts
  • Modern design with use of acrylic and metal materials
  • High decibel level of 85Best In Singapore
  • Big & easy to reach test buttons
  • Easy self-installation
  • Low battery alert


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Smoke Alarm Provides 24/7 Alert Against Fire

While a fire extinguisher allows you to fight a fire, it is equally, if not more important to be alerted to a fire first, so that you have a chance to fight (or escape from) the fire. A smoke alarm aims to provide that first alert of fire as all fires started with smoke first. Click here to read about how this family managed to avert a fire disaster because they had smoke alarms installed.

A large proportion, if not alI, of residential fires started as slow smoldering fires. Such fires are characterized by large amount of thick (toxic) smoke in the pre-fire stage, before the fire breaks out. Furthermore, statistically, it is the smoke (inhalation) that actually kills more people than the actual fire itself. If it is not already clear, a smoke alarm is an essential piece of fire prevention measures.

To iterate, smoke alarms alert you to the first sign of impending fire - the smoke. And because it is operational 24/7, it alerts you even when you are asleep.

Introducing our OSD-01 Smoke Alarm

SCDF Approved

We are in SCDF's list of approved suppliers.

OSD-01 vs Other Alarms

No False Alarms

Our smoke alarms are anti-dust, anti-bug by design, unlike most other models where dust can easily get into the sensor, affecting its sensitivity. You can see the huge difference in vents opening between our smoke alarm and the normal smoke alarm.

Ease Of Mounting

No drilling required. You simply attach the mounting bracket to the ceiling with 3M double sided tape (provided), followed by a push and twist of the smoke alarm into the mounting bracket until a "click" sound is heard. 

Be careful if you are using a ladder to install the mounting bracket.

OSD-01 With Mount
Test Buttons Comparison

Easy To Reach Test Button

It’ll be a hassle to have to use a ladder every time you want to test the smoke alarms, typically mounted on ceilings. With ours, you just need an extendable pole to reach as the entire surface is the test button. 

Click on image to compare with others. Orange indicates test button.

Minimal Maintenance

Again, because of anti-dust design, maintenance is nothing more than wiping/sweeping down its exterior.

OSD-01 Smoke Alarm With Normal Alarm

Looks Good With Your Decor

Using high quality acrylic and metal, our smoke alarm blends well with your decor. No more unsightly white plastic smoke alarm that you want to hide from view.

Enough said. Look at the comparison yourself.

Peace of Mind That It just Works

Rigorously tested and certified by world’s leading certification body, VdS. 


Faster Detection of Smoke

Our smoke alarms are photoelectric sensor based and photoelectric sensors detect smouldering fire, typical of home fires, much faster than ionisation sensors, 4x faster in fact. Remember you only have 3 minutes to escape from a burning house.

Bye To Battery Changes

Because our battery is certified by VdS to last 10 years. In the event of low battery, we do a 1-1 exchange for you. 

Unlimited Power!

Everlasting Power
Rust & No Rust

Strong Anti-Corrosion Property

Ensures sensor operation in optimal condition. Extreme protection against the elements.


Jul 2020

Definitely one of the nicest and sleek looking smoke detector available in the market for residential building.

Needed one Super urgently and they were Super accommodating and got it delivered within 1 hour on a Saturday! Friends, if you need 1 for your new hdb or condo, get from them!

Where To Install Smoke Alarms?

The recommended place  to install smoke alarms is along your escape route out to the open. After all, the purpose of these alarms is to give you an early alert to fire risks, so that you can escape from the fire. It will be pointless if when the alarms are triggered and you find your escape route already cut off by fire. Click here to get a detailed understanding of recommended places to install smoke alarms.

Regular Testing of Smoke Alarms

It is important to regularly test your smoke alarms. One, so that your family are familiar with the sound of the alarm being triggered off. And two, so that you are assured your smoke alarm is operational, and not just a white elephant on the ceiling. Click here to read about the best approach to regular testing and how easy is it to test our OSD-01 Smoke Alarm.

Bedroom To Ashes in 2 minutes

While it is true that most residential fires start slow, these fires do spread fast when they eventually burst into flames. You can see in the video below how the bedroom was reduced to nothing in just 2+ minutes.

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 70 × 35 mm


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