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Why Does My Smoke Detector Keep Beeping?

    Why Detector Keeps Beeping

    A beeping smoke detector is sign of an issue. After all, a smoke detector is to alert us to potential fire risk. A non-operational detector puts our entire family at risk. So we need to identify root cause as soon as possible and solve the issue.

    The best way is to consult your detector’s operating manual. The manual usually has a troubleshooting section. That section describes different combinations of lights and alarm and the respective issues.

    If you have misplaced the operating manual, call up your supplier for a digital copy. You can also try searching online for the manual.

    Here are some of the common causes and how to fix them.

    Low Battery

    Low Battery

    Most smoke detectors will start beeping when it detects low battery power. This is to alert you to replace the battery. Note that this applies to both battery operated detectors and mains connected detectors. Mains connected detector also has a battery as backup in case of disruption of mains.


    Replace the battery as soon as you can. The detector will stop beeping when there is no more power. This creates a false impression that the detector is still functional, when it’s no longer. So you should replace the battery before that happens.

    We recommend to buy detectors with lithium batteries that can last 10 years. This saves you the hassle of having to do constant battery replacement. It will be better if your supplier has a 10 years battery warranty. This way, you don’t need to replace the entire detector when battery is dead before 10 years.

    Blaze Guard’s smoke detectors come with 10 years battery warranty.

    Smoke Detector Malfunction


    Some smoke detectors have self-testing mechanisms. They will start beeping when the mechanisms detect malfunctions. You should take action to resolve the malfunction.

    Some malfunctions include:

    • Faulty Circuitry
    • Dirty Smoke Sensing Chamber


    The first thing to do is to reset your smoke detector. Switch off your detector, wait for 30 seconds and switch it back on, if there is a power switch. This power cycle reboots the internal circuitry.

    If beeping continues, check that you have installed the battery in the correct way. Some detectors may test for proper mounting and beep when it detects poor mounting. Loose battery contact can cause poor mounting. Failing to mount the detector in its bracket fully can result in poor mounting as well.

    If issue still persists, it may be due to dirty smoke sensing chamber. If you are able to see the chamber, use a can of compressed air to spray into and across the smoke sensing chamber. This may clear up the dirt within. Reset your smoke detector again.

    If beeping persists, it may be due to damaged circuitry. At this point, you should contact your supplier for help. If your detector is still in warranty, you may be able to get a 1-to-1 replacement from your supplier. Else, you will need to buy a new detector to replace.

    Regardless, do it soon as a day without smoke detector is a day of threat to your family.

    Smoke Detector Reaches End Of Life (10 Years)

    Time Is Up

    Smoke detectors last for 10 years. When the detector reaches its 10 year mark, it may start beeping. This is to inform you to replace the entire detector. Even if there is no low battery warning, you should replace it. Even if the detector is responding well to test, you should replace it.

    This is because the internal components will age with time. These components are certified to last for 10 years. While they may still work after 10 years of use, you do not know when they will fail. You do not want to risk detector failing in event of a real fire threat.


    Replace the entire detector with a new one. Get a qualified electrician to replace your detector if it’s connected to the mains. Do not attempt to replace it yourself to avoid risk of electrocution.

    The above are some of the more common causes of detector beeping. Depending on your model of smoke detector, there could be more. Please consult your detector’s operating manual.

    Smoke detectors are critical tools to help us watch out for fire threats. They must be in optimal operating condition at all times. When there is beeping, it is to inform you that something is obstructing its performance. You should then resolve the beeping issue as soon as possible.

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