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This Is Why You Must Have Smoke Alarms & A Fire Extinguisher

    This frightening, yet educational, video footage, published in, illustrates the importance of having operational smoke alarms and fire extinguisher at home. The whole event unfolded in slightly more than 2 minutes with the candle lamp first catching fire and eventually fire being put out. Imagine the outcome if there’s no smoke alarms to alert the family of the fire burning downstairs and without any fire extinguishers to fight the fire.

    All it takes is that few minutes to check, and those few minutes may save your life.

    Watch the full video here.

    You can see light candle (menorah) catching fire on the far right side of the video.
    The fire started getting bigger.
    The smoke alarm sounded off and Father rushed down to see the fire starting to burn up.
    Father quickly retrieved a fire extinguisher.
    Father started to fight the fire.
    Father managed to put out the fire.