Maintaining Your Smoke Alarms

Weekly Alarm Testing

Test the smoke alarm weekly for correct operation by (usually) pressing the test button. The smoke alarm should generate a loud continuous string of beeps.

  • If it does, congrats, your alarm is working! Pressing the test button would stop the beeps.
  • If it doesn’t, determine if it’s a case of dead battery by replacing with a new battery. If the test still fails with a new battery, you should replace the smoke alarm as soon as possible (we recommend immediately). If the smoke alarm is still in warranty, you can contact your supplier as well.

In the case of our OSD-01 smoke alarm,

  • the test button is the entire surface area of the alarm itself. You can simply use a pole to reach the test button instead of a stool/ladder, unlike others.

    Look at how small and compact our smoke alarm is!
  • we uses lithium ion battery that lasts for 10 years instead of the many (cheaper versions) that uses the 9V battery that typically last only 1+ year.

Cleaning Smoke Alarm

It is recommended that you clean your smoke alarm at least once per month to remove dirt, dust or debris from the smoke detection chamber. Use a vacuum cleaner with soft brush to vacuum all sides and covers of the smoke alarms. Depending on your model of smoke alarm, you may need to remove the cover to reach the insides.

If you have a high ceiling, you will need to have a means to reach the smoke alarm to do the cleaning.

In the case of our OSD-01 smoke alarm,

  • the design itself is already anti-dust and anti-bug which means vacuum of the internals are not required. In fact, you should not attempt to remove the cover to clean the insides. However, we do recommend vacuuming the outside of the smoke alarm once a month for optimum operation.
  • we have a mounting bracket which locks the smoke alarm in place with a clockwise turn. One simply needs to turn anti-clockwise to remove the smoke alarm from bracket to clean. This makes cleaning a breeze!