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Smoke Alarm vs Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Smoke Alarm VS AI

    Here’s a recently published article on how AI (Artificial Intelligence) is used to predict probability of fire in Seoul using local fire department’s historical datasets.

    “I used to think older districts, like Gangbuk, were more prone to fires. But the model revealed otherwise,” he said. “Newer districts, like Gangnam, are actually more susceptible to fire incidents, as there are more shops and people around the neighborhood. Illegal parking also plays a role.”

    Hongik University’s Professor Jae Seung Lee

    A noteworthy point from above comment is that areas that are more vulnerable to fires are actually those with higher population of people, simply because there are more activities.

    Smoke Alarms Save Resources

    The article speaks about one outcome could be having more fire crews on duty in more “flammable” neighborhoods. Yet, an inconspicuous smoke alarm at every home would have saved a lot of resources (both manpower and money).

    Smoke Alarms Reduce Scale of Fire Damage

    In addition, the scale of damage is likely to be a lot smaller as a smoke alarm would have alerted the neighborhood in the event of a fire. Early fires can be easily put up by a dry powder portable fire extinguisher.

    Perhaps Smoke Alarm Wins?

    While it is commendable that the model built has a claimed 90% accuracy, the reality is fire prevention is everyone’s efforts and starts from everyone.

    Especially true in a cosmopolitan city like ours, where everyone stays close to each other. Reiterating the comment from Professor Lee above – “more susceptible to fire incidents, as there are more shops and people around the neighborhood”, while you may be having good fire prevention practice at home, you cannot enforce or expect the same practice to your neighbours.

    A smoke alarm not only protects yourself and family, it also protects your neighbour (although nothing beats your neighbour also having a smoke alarm installed at home). When the smoke reaches your home and triggers off your smoke alarm, you may still be able to help your neighbour escape if your neighbour hasn’t.

    Zero Dollars Spent on Fire Prevention

    Having a smoke alarm installed at home costs little to nothing when compared to the cost of your home renovation. Many spent tens of thousands on renovation, but practically zero on fire prevention.

    Are you one of them? If you are, think about this:

    Smoke alarm is not just an early warning.

    It’s your only warning.

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