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Fire Blanket


EN 1869:1997 certified 1.2m x 1.2m fire blanket

These fire blankets are specifically designed & manufactured to Standard EN 1869:1997 with flexible sheet of material intended to be used to extinguish small fires in its early stage by smothering. The blanket is provided with pull tapes for safe handling. When removed from the bag, the blanket is held in the shield position, protecting the user from the fire. Fire Blankets can be used to wrap around a person whose clothes are on fire and can also be used to wrap around a hot or burning object.

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  1. Keep the fire blanket in a prominent place for easy access.
  2. In event of fire, quickly release the fire blanket by pulling with the two black straps with your hands.
    Please note fire blanket is made of fibreglass material and may cause irritation if you handle the (white) blanket by bare hands.
  3. Open the fire blanket by shaking it gently while still holding onto the black straps. Hold the blanket in front of you like a shield.
  4. Layer the fire blanket lightly over the fire. Cut off the electricity or gas supply if necessary.
  5. While the fire blanket is covering the fire, get a fire extinguisher, if available, to try to put out the fire. Or if the fire is too big, quickly escape to safety and dial 995.
  6. In event that fire was successfully put out by the blanket, wrap the used blanket into a ball and dispose it.
Weight 700 g
Dimensions 270 × 180 × 100 mm

1.5m x 1.5m