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The Stand Out Gift

All gifts are meant to create an impression on your recipients, be it friends, clients or customers.
But your recipients also receive gifts from others.
How do you stand out from others?

Be it House Warming Gifts for Friends, Gifts for Clients,

Now, yours can be different.
Now, yours can stand out uniquely from others,
Now, yours can be that talking point.
Now, yours are always in their view.

Red Wine Fire Extinguisher

Red Wine Bottle

Fire Extinguisher

Exquisitely Designed
Comes With Authentic Wooden Crate
Comes With Elegant Bottle Rack
Fully Functional Fire Extinguisher

Dry Powder Grade For Class A, B Fires 

Perfect as gifts for House Warming.
Perfect as festive gifts for your Client.

Authentic Wooden Crate

Nothing beats the nostalgic feeling of a bottle in a crate.

Crate With Fire Extinguisher

Elegant Bottle Rack

Purposefully designed to be elegantly displayed in the center of the living room.

Rack Front
Rack Back

Fully Functional Fire Extinguisher

1kg dry powder grade effective against Class A (solid) & B (liquid) fires.

Pressure Gauge
Pressure Release


Red Wine Fire Extinguisher

Red Wine Bottle

Fire Extinguisher


now $128.00

FREE Shipping
INCLUDES Wooden Crate & Bottle Rack

To Create A Lasting Impression


How long is the delivery time?

Delivery will be approximately 2 weeks from time of order. If you are gifting for your customers, we suggest ordering in bulk instead. We have attractive pricing for bulk orders. Please whatsapp us @ 8815 8752 to find out more.

How much is delivery fee?

Delivery is FREE.

Can you send directly to my friend / client?

Yes, you can. However we recommend yourself sending this impressive gift to your friend or customer instead as it is just different receiving from someone you know versus from a delivery service.

What if I'm not around to receive?

Our delivery service provider will make 3 attempts to deliver to you. Beyond that, you will need to bear additional cost for subsequent deliveries.

What is the warranty?

  • 7 days 1-1 exchange for physical defects
    Includes only the following:
    - Scratch marks on fire extinguisher that are clearly visible from a distance of 30cm
    - Broken safety clip
    - Cracked pressure gauge
  • 1 year 1-1 exchange if pressure gauge falls out of green zone

Do I need to service this fire extinguisher?

It is optional but we highly recommend to service, as it’s equally, if not more, important that this fire extinguisher can be used when needed. For property & financial agents, this can also be a good way to ensure the relationship with your customers is warm.

We recommend a full servicing every 2 years.

We also recommend monthly checks on the pressure gauge to ensure the pressure needle is still within the green zone. Should the pressure needle falls out of green zone, servicing should be arranged asap.

Where can I service this fire extinguisher?

We have a servicing package at S$30, where we will collect from your friend / customer at their convenient timing and deliver the serviced fire extinguisher back to them.

How much to service this fire extinguisher?

We have a servicing package at S$30, where we will collect from your friend / customer at their convenient timing and deliver the serviced fire extinguisher back to them.

Do you provide training on usage of fire extinguisher?

We do not provide training. However, we do have the universal usage slogan [PASS] printed in the wooden crate. PASS stands for:

  1. Pull the safety pin to engage fire extinguisher.
  2. Aim at the base of fire.
  3. Squeeze the trigger to start dispensing the dry powder.
  4. Sweep from side to side, while keeping the aim at the base of the fire.

Are your fire extinguishers certified?

For a portable fire extinguisher to be considered “certified”, it needs to meet the international standard of EN-3.

Fire Extinguisher EN-3 Standard requirements include, but not limited to:

  • Fire extinguisher body must be “signal red” color.
  • There are 5 types of fire extinguishers and each must carry a specific color code.
  • Manufacturer’s name and address
  • Temperature range
  • Working pressure
  • Test ratings XA / YB

The above inherently means all fire extinguishers will look the same. And rightly so for the fire extinguishers in industrial and commercial places since it is imperative that any one can immediately identify that these are fire extinguishers.

But when it is for home use, most people wouldn’t want a red fire extinguisher to be in the middle of their living rooms. It’s also highly likely that these fire extinguishers are placed in store room or kitchen or an area generally away from view.

Yet, a fire extinguisher should be within easy reach in event of fire. A fire extinguisher placed in a store room or somewhere out of sight is unlikely to be reached by an individual as compared to one that is placed in the living room.

While it might be argued that a fire extinguisher that blends into the decor of the home is hard for anyone to spot other than those who knew, it is also true that we do not expect any stranger to come into our homes to look for fire extinguishers. As far as the family concerned is aware (and we do stress a lot that you should ensure all your family members are aware) of the presence of these fire extinguisher(s), it is more than enough.

To answer the question of whether is this fire extinguisher certified - it'll be a no under the EN-3 standard. However it functions no different from a certified fire extinguisher.


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