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The ONE Thing

You Did Not Give

Your Best To Your Kids

Says who? 

I AM giving the best to my kids!

I’m not doubting you. In fact, I'm 100% certain you are giving the best, to your best of  abilities, in all aspects of your kids’ growth, such as environment, nutrition, education, play, comfort and most importantly safety. 

After all, nothing is more important than seeing our kids safe and healthy. I am a parent myself, so I know this giving is true.

BUT YET there is one area of safety that most of us as parents fail to ensure. I, myself included previously.

Are You Ready For It?

Image Courtesy of THE STRAITS TIMES


Do you have a smoke alarm, fire extinguisher and a fire escape plan at home?

If your answer is No, I'm sorry to inform that you have not given the best in this area for your kids.

But don't blame yourself first as this is actually the norm. The number of families with either of these 3 fire safety items are less than 10%. The number of families with ALL 3 are even lesser.

The fortunate thing is giving the best on fire safety to your kids isn't difficult. You just need the awareness to act upon it.

Why Is Smoke Detector The Most Important?

  • Because you only have 3 minutes or less to escape from a burning home.
  • Typical fire threats at home are what are known as smouldering fires. Such fires are characterised by heavy and dense smoke in the early stage of the threat. 
  • Because more people get killed by smoke instead of fire itself.

So it’s important that you have early detection of fire threats (read: smoke) in your home to give you that extra but crucial additional minutes to escape with your kids. A smoke detector / alarm is THAT early detection and possibly your only detection.

Property damage and loss of belongings & memories are one thing, loss of loved ones is another. Many a times, it is the survived that suffers the most. We need to avoid this at all cost.

If you are still not convinced that smoke detectors / alarms are important for your kids’ safety at this point, you can choose to close this browser tab right here, right now. 

Else, continue with me by scrolling down.

Or you can jump straight to the exclusive smoke detector offers I'd prepared for you. 

Choosing the right one is KEY

Just like there are many models of a 55” 4K TV,  even within the same brand, over a wide price range, there are also many smoke alarm models out in the market. 

Surely you don’t want to have a smoke detector / alarm that fails to sound off in the event of a fire threat, agree?

5 Reasons To Get Our Smoke Detector

1. Exquisite Design Blends Into All Home Decors

At less than the diameter of 2 one dollar coins in both width and height, you literally can install our smoke detector anywhere in your home without worrying that it will spoil your home decor theme.

Measures 50.8mm Ø by 42.5mm height

SK-20 With One Dollar Coin
SK-20 With One Dollar Coin

Compare this with the traditional white plastic smoke detector. It's a no wonder why people used to dislike installing a smoke detector at home.

SK-20 With Normal Smoke Detector
SK-20 With Normal Smoke Detector
SK-20 With Normal Smoke Detector
SK-20 With Box

2. Leading Industry Certification Peace Of Mind

Equipped with leading industry certification, our smoke detector performs as well as it looks. Who says you can't have both?

The VdS certification mark creates orientation and confidence and documents the high quality and reliability of products and services.


The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) has set the standards needed to ensure that fire and security products and services perform effectively.

In addition, we, Blaze Guard, is an authorised smoke detector supplier listed in SCDF's website.

Authorised HFAD Supplier In SCDF

3. Fuss Free Installation No Drilling Required

No mess, no hassle with double-sided industrial grade 3M VHB tape. Or you can still go with the traditional way of wall anchor plugs and screws (provided).

SK-20 With VHB Tape

4. 10 Year Lithium Battery Bye To Battery Changes

Powered by lithium battery, our smoke detector provides 10 years of continuous smoke detection, every day of the year.

Lithium Battery

5. Big Test / Silence Button Easy To Reach

A big test / silence button (marked by the orange line / area) makes it easy for you to do regular testing and / or silence false alarms, if it ever happens. An extendable pole can be used if detector is installed in high ceilings.

SK-20 Test Button


PREVIOUSLY, you just realised you haven’t done enough on fire safety for your kids.

A WHILE BACK, you become aware of the most important and immediate thing to do - having a smoke detector / alarm as an early detection.

NOW, you understand why our smoke detector / alarm is best suited for you to provide fire safety for your kids.

If you have scrolled this far, we would have already achieved the most important goal, ie to instil awareness in you that you need to provide for your kids' fire safety. The natural next step is to share with you how to purchase our smoke alarms.

BUT BEFORE I share our exclusive offer to you, here's something more with our smoke alarms.


At any point you feel our smoke detector is not up to what we had described, you are entitled to get a refund within 100 days of your purchase.

I only ask a $10 from you to subsidise the credit card fees and return delivery expenses as well as  to return the smoke detector with original packaging. Delivery will be arranged to pick up the smoke detector from you.

More info at the FAQ section below.

Money Back Guarantee


Should the smoke detector exhibit low battery warning light within first 10 years of your purchase, I will do on-site battery replacement for you at no cost, 

More info at the FAQ section below.

Battery Warranty

And Here's More

If you purchase 2 or more smoke detectors, you will also get


(worth $15) 14 pages of life-saving knowledge on what to do in the event of a fire, illustrated in a kid's friendly way. Learn the fun way by having your kids colour them up.

Chances of escape is significantly higher when the entire family has basic fire escape knowledge.

Fire Escape Colouring eBook

1.5m X 1.5m FIRE BLANKET

(worth $25) EN 1869:1997 certified fire blankets can be used to put out small fires or wrap around your kids during escape to protect them against the intense heat.

Fire Blanket Inside


Because I want to help you provide the best in fire safety for your kids, I'd put together THREE exclusive offers, UNO, DUO and TRES for you.

I highly recommend the DUO as this is exclusively packaged for those living in HDBs, condominiums and apartments where at least 2 smoke alarm installations are recommended:

  • 1 along the corridor leading to the rooms
  • 1 in the living room

Together, the 2 smoke detectors / alarms form the escape path out of the house in event of fire

The retail price of our smoke detector / alarm is $130.00. But I'm not talking about a 10% discount. Not a 20% discount. Not even a 30% discount. It's much more.

Furthermore, with our complimentary fire blanket and fire escape know-hows colouring ebook for the DUO and TRES offers, they are just bursting with value. This has to be the most attractive offer I'd put out in recent times.

And let us not forget our 100 Days Money Back Guarantee and 10 Years Battery Warranty too!

What Some Of Our Customers Say

  • Quick response to customer's enquiry.

    Ng Chee Seng Avatar Ng Chee Seng
    May 18, 2023

    Prompt update on product and delivery. Recommended!

    Ng Jun Jie Kelvin Avatar Ng Jun Jie Kelvin
    May 15, 2023

    Speedy reply and clear explanation. Installation of wifi and interconnect smoke alarm is easy.

    Andreas Paul Indry Budi Avatar Andreas Paul Indry Budi
    March 25, 2023

    Good compact smoke alarms, easy to install, fast delivery, good value

    Niall Crosby Avatar Niall Crosby
    February 16, 2023

    The service is excellent. Replies are answered quickly and the smoke detectors were set up easily and quickly.

    Pris Hing Avatar Pris Hing
    February 14, 2023
  • Very prompt response despite the CNY holiday. Made effort to keep in touch and my two fire alarms were delivered in well packed box. Bought two, one for living room and another for kitchen.

    Richard Goh Avatar Richard Goh
    February 2, 2023

    Been using it for many years. Very reliable. Bought a second one recently for my living room corridor.

    Dennis Sim Avatar Dennis Sim
    December 30, 2022

    The best and excellent service. Eventhough office was closed, my enquiries and questions were replied promptly. Ended up buying more as present to my other families members. Awesome after sales svc!

    Anzeg Zegna Avatar Anzeg Zegna
    December 24, 2022

    Very prompt delivery and good customer service. The nano smoke detector looks sleek and is easy to fix

    Grace Chiong Avatar Grace Chiong
    December 16, 2022

    prompt friendly service!! 👍

    Ivan Wong Avatar Ivan Wong
    October 17, 2022
  • Good pre and post sales service . smoke alarm looks sleek and nice. reasonable priced.

    Ang Kian Liong Avatar Ang Kian Liong
    August 12, 2022

    Good after sales support. Product is professionally packed, build seems to be not one of those made of cheap materials. Came with instructions and recommendations on how and where to install effectively.

    Victor Templonuevo Avatar Victor Templonuevo
    July 11, 2022

    Newly installed my smoke detectors. Reasonably easy to install with some questions attended to very promptly by the team thru WhatsApp.

    Ron Tang Avatar Ron Tang
    June 14, 2022

    Small and compact, easy to get used to its presence in my living room as I got the white version which blends nicely with the ceiling. Also, simple to set up as it can be held up by just the strong tape provided, no drilling required unlike other detectors.

    Feng Min Avatar Feng Min
    May 20, 2022

    A first-class customer service!

    Shahirah Alattas Avatar Shahirah Alattas
    May 19, 2022
  • Had a great experience working with BlazeGuard and purchasing their products. The team was very patient in advising on where to install the detectors given the home layout, and also the right products to purchase. They also took time to answer any questions I had and to send relevant links that provide the answers. Highly recommended!

    Kuan-Ming Lee Avatar Kuan-Ming Lee
    May 17, 2022

    Very happy with my purchase of the nano smoke detector from BlazeGuard. Prompt response from the service team even before my purchase, explaining the differences between the smoke detectors and recommendations on how many I should get and the placement of the smoke detectors. After purchase, I was updated on the order status and delivery was really fast too. The detectors are easy to install and hardly visible (as pictured) and has a seamless feel. Overall very happy with my purchase!

    Mei Yi Lui Avatar Mei Yi Lui
    April 4, 2022

    😄Usually smoke detectors are big in size. However, smoke detectors from BlazeGuard are small and compact, easily blends into the ceiling. Easy installation too. Would definitely recommend!

    Roger Foo Avatar Roger Foo
    March 1, 2022

    So easy to buy from their online site, was notified along the way that order was received and will ship soon. Received the some alarm in 2 working days, really fast. Easy to install and the best part is that it is so compact. Thank You!!

    Crew Cut Nigel Angler Avatar Crew Cut Nigel Angler
    February 2, 2022

    Ordered the smoke detectors from the BlazeGuard website and received them in good order. The smoke detector is very slim in profile, and can discretely blend into a home like a small spotlight. The alarm is decently loud as well in testing. There are helpful articles on the BlazeGuard website for optimum placing of the detectors, so do read them as well. :)

    Ace Loo Avatar Ace Loo
    January 8, 2022
  • Order the smoke detectors online and got it within 2 days as promised. The design look sleek. Very happy with the customer service as after ordering, there was a follow up whatsapp message. Will order again if needed.

    Andrea Ng Avatar Andrea Ng
    December 13, 2021

    Received my Nano SD tres pack in short period of time ! Sleek and elegant look, loving it and it doesnt look like a detector from far...😊👍Easy to install,easy to maintain..What else can u ask for !

    Taufiq Jamal Avatar Taufiq Jamal
    December 8, 2021

    Compact and modern look. It’s a must for all home….

    Ng Chun Yeong Avatar Ng Chun Yeong
    November 26, 2021

    Received items today in good condition. Very timely and items look great. House is not yet ready for installation, but am confident this product will be solid :)

    Xiang Loong Loh Avatar Xiang Loong Loh
    November 25, 2021

    very nice design, small and compact, doesnt affect the decor of the place

    Nic Chai Avatar Nic Chai
    October 21, 2021
  • Very nice and sleek detector and complete with superb service and response. A pleasant experience with a great purchase.

    Jacqueline Lim Avatar Jacqueline Lim
    September 15, 2021

    A great device, easy to install and small footprint. 😀 recommended!

    Cindy Chan Avatar Cindy Chan
    August 26, 2021

    The staff is highly responsive, knowledgeable, helpful and patient. They provide fast delivery and 10 years warranty. Thank you BlazeGuard!

    Wilson Yeo Avatar Wilson Yeo
    August 8, 2021

    Bought the Nano Smoke Detector TRES Pack Bundled and received it within two days. Superb customer service, impressed with the sleek design and the loudness of the smoke detector. Highly recommended.

    Joseph Swee Huat Avatar Joseph Swee Huat
    August 6, 2021

    Service is good. Fast delivery. The quality of the product looks good.

    Marcus Ong Avatar Marcus Ong
    July 7, 2021


But I need to inform you that we only have 50 pieces of fire blanketsOffer will end when all fire blankets have been redeemed. 

SK-20 Matt Chrome UNO



Original Price: $130.00
Savings: 61%

  • 1 x Smoke Alarm ($130)
  • 100 Days Guarantee
  • 10 Years Battery Warranty
SK-20 Matt Chrome TRES



Original Price: $430.00
Savings: 72%

  • 3 x Smoke Alarm ($390)
  • 1.2m x 1.2m Fire Blanket ($25)
  • Fire Escape eBook ($15)
  • 100 Days Guarantee
  • 10 Years Battery Warranty

A gentle reminder that this is while stocks last. Offer will end when all fire blankets have been redeemed. 

Reiterating, property damage and loss of belongings & memories are one thing, loss of loved ones is another. Many times, it is the survived that suffers the most.

We can avoid this, especially when it isn't a big investment to start with. An order-in meal for a family of 4 easily costs around $50 and that only satisfies 1 meal. This investment looks after your family, your kids for 10 YEARS!

We, as parents, strive to give the best to our kids. If this is that ONE BIG thing you had not given the best to your kids, what are you waiting for?

Click here to re-consider the offers I'd for you.

If You Still Need Some Time To Consider

While I personally do not recommend that you spend one more day without a smoke detector / alarm (and this is a stocks limited offer), I understand that you may want to do some additional research.

In that case, why not download our Ultimate Smoke Detector Guide to get a better understanding of smoke detectors / alarms. This guide touches on the type of smoke detectors / alarms, types of certifications, battery operated or mains powered alarms and many more. You can also educate your kids along the way.

Many Frequently Asked Questions Answered

I see you have both interconnect and standalone models. What is the difference between these 2 models?

The main difference is interconnect smoke detectors will all sound when one of them is triggered. This is especially important in multi storey homes such as landed, penthouses, maisonettes or single storey homes such as a bungalow. The intent here is to alert the occupants of potential fire threats who may not be near that fire threat.

An example would be when every one is sound asleep in the 2nd storey when a potential fire threat occurs in ground storey kitchen. If a standalone has been installed, while the standalone in the kitchen may be triggered, the chance of that waking her occupants up on 2nd storey, in air-conditioned room ain't high. When the toxic smoke builds up to 2nd storey and trigger off the detectors there, it may be too late for the occupants to escape as the 1st storey is already filled with toxic smoke. If interconnect have been installed, when the detector in kitchen is triggered, all interconnect detectors will sound alarm. This has a much better chance of waking her occupants and in event of a real fire threat, provides precious minutes for them to escape.

Is your detector a photoelectric or ionization or both?

Both our standalone and interconnect smoke detectors are photoelectric. Photoelectric responds faster to smouldering fires, which are typical of fires occurring in homes. Think of overcharged electrical devices, overloaded power points where smoke will start to form around the fire threat, followed by denser white smoke, and eventually with very dense black smoke (as plastic melt) before a flame occurs. 

This is in contrast to fast flaming fires such as from an explosion, where an ionization smoke detector will be more effective.

We do not carry combi (photoelectric + ionization) smoke detectors as we believe the disadvantages of each cancel out the advantage of the other. This may result in less effective detection of all types of fire and potentially cause more false alarms.

Read more about the differences between photoelectric and ionization smoke detectors here.

What is the warranty?

  • 10 years product warranty excluding battery
    - We warrant our smoke detector to be free of all defects in material and workmanship for a period of 10 years from date of purchase as indicated in the order receipt.
  • - We will repair / replace faulty smoke detector as we deem fit, free-of-charge.
    - Does not cover damage from misuse, abuse, alterations or improper installations.
  • 3 years battery warranty
    - 1-1 exchange if low battery warning light appears within 1st 3 years of usage.
    - You can upgrade to 10 years battery warranty with a review on our Facebook page. Please refer to 10 years battery warranty FAQ below.

How many smoke detectors do I need?

As a minimum, we recommend:

  • Up to 5 room HDB & Condominiums not exceeding 1500 square feet
    - ONE in living room
    - ONE in corridor leading to rooms, if any
  • Multi storey homes such as Landed, Penthouse, Maisonettes (interconnect recommended)
    - ONE in main living room
    - ONE in main dining room
    - ONE in each staircase landing
    - ONE in each common area per storey above ground storey
    - ONE in corridor leading to rooms, if any
  • Single storey homes exceeding 1500 square feet (interconnect recommended)
    - ONE per 750 square feet of common area

We recommend the following for a robust smoke detection coverage:

  • ONE in each room 
  • ONE in corridor leading to rooms, if any
  • ONE in living room
  • ONE in dining room
  • ONE in each staircase landing for multi storey homes
  • ONE in common area for each storey above the ground storey

Is it delivered to me at my doorstep?

Yes, your order will be delivered to your indicated delivery address during submission of order.

How long do I have to wait for delivery?

It will be 2 working days. Eg: if you place order on Monday, you can expect to receive your order by Wednesday.

What if I am not at home for delivery?

Our delivery provider will make 3 daily attempts to deliver to you before returning the order to us. In the unfortunate event that all 3 attempts of delivery fail, SGD10 will be payable for subsequent delivery attempts.

I urgently need it. Can I self collect?

Yes, please reach out to us in whatsapp @ 8815 8752 or email to Self-collection is possible in the eastern area of Singapore.

Do you provide installation services?

We do not provide installation services, but we can advise you on optimum locations to install the smoke detectors if you can share your floorplan / pictures with us via whatsapp @ 8815 8752 or email to

Installation is also very easy with our 3M double sided PE foam tape. No drilling is required.

Where should I install the smoke detector?

This is a very big topic by itself. We will try to summarize it here. Smoke detectors should be installed along the path of escape out of homes. Why? Because the intent of smoke detectors is to give you early warning on potential fire threats, so that you have ample time to escape if the fire can't be put out by yourself. It will be useless if by the time the smoke detectors sound out alarm, your escape path out of your home is no longer viable.

Presence of fire is an obvious reason. However, very often the escape path may be made non-viable because of smoke.

  • You may be surprised that many fire casualties are from smoke (inhalation), rather than the fire itself.
  • You will also not expect by the time dense smoke has built up, the temperate of the smoke can be upwards of 80 degrees celsius. Most cannot endure such heat.
  • Smoke from household items burning are extremely toxic. Breathing in too much can make one unconscious. Putting aside the toxicity of the smoke, breathing in too much smoke deprives your brain of oxygen, which will result in yourself rendered unconscious. Once one is unconscious, how does one escape?
  • Smoke makes one loses directional sense. There have been many incidents when fire casualties were found within metres of their main door after the fire was put out. Most of such casualties were unable to find their main door to escape in the midst of the dense smoke. It is also this reason that as part of the fire escape practicing, it is recommended that one blindfolds oneself to try to navigate from room to main door.

Hope that you now have a better understanding of why smoke detectors should be installed along your escape path out of your home. In addition, most of us are living in flats & apartments, which often only has 1 escape option - through the main door. If this escape option is rendered non-viable, the situation is going to get worse quickly. On average, it takes only 3 minutes for a fire to occupy the entire house once fire starts to burn.

There is also the concept of dead air space that we need to avoid. Essentially, this is the air space that's ~10cm from any corner. It's called dead because smoke will never reach these areas due to physics of air. Installing a smoke detector there guarantees your detector will never ring. You can read more about dead air space in this link.

There are also certain locations with our homes that we need to avoid as they are either too dusty, too steamy or too breezy, such as kitchens, bathrooms. You can read more about these places in this link.

One question in your mind now is likely to be "Yea, I understand. But this still doesn't really tell me where to install". 

Yes, we are aware of that. The reason why we explain all the above is to let you understand the important fact (if you cannot understand most of the above) that smoke detectors should be installed in correct locations so that they can do what they do best.

So the best way to help answer this question is if you can share your floorplan / pictures with us via whatsapp @ 8815 8752 or email to,  so that we can advise you on optimum locations.

I do lots of heavy cooking at home. Will it cause false alarm?

We do not recommend installation of smoke detectors in the kitchen due to:

  1. smoke from cooking, which can cause false alarms, especially if installed within 1 metre of the kitchen stove. 
  2. oil & grease can easily build up around the smoke detector, which would then require more frequent cleaning.

Instead we would recommend to install just outside the kitchen if need be as it will still be a good location to detect smoke coming from kitchen without the false alarms and regular cleaning.

Does your smoke detector detect gas leak?

No, our smoke detectors are purely smoke detectors. As gas isn't made up of smoke particles, a gas leak will not trigger our smoke detectors. If you need to detect gas leak, you will need to invest in a separate gas detector.

I smoke at home. Will it cause false alarm?

Unless you are smoking directly at the smoke detector or heavily under the smoke detector, our smoke detector is unlikely to be falsely triggered. 

I burn joss/incense sticks at home. Will it cause false alarm?

We recommend to install our smoke detector at least 1 metre away from joss / incense sticks burning to avoid false alarms. This also avoid the need for more regular cleaning of the smoke detector.

Can I install in the bathroom?

We do not recommend installation in the bathroom due to its high humidity, which will damage the internal circuitry, causing it to fail. Furthermore, steam from a hot shower will often trigger the alarm.

If the bathroom is ensuite, we recommend installation more than 1 metre away from the entrance of the bathroom.

Can I install near my aircon / fan?

We do not recommend installing our smoke detectors within 1 metre to the aircon/fan. We also do not recommend installing in the direction of the wind / draft as smoke may be blown away by the draft, causing our detectors not able to detect smoke.

Should I install smoke detector at the yard? I have a dryer there.

We generally do not recommend installing in open spaces as the chance of false alarm is significantly higher with environment dust / fine particles blown into the smoke detection chamber. 

If the concern is about washing machine / dryer catching fire, you will have to find a location that is "less exposed" to avoid false alarms. Please send us pictures of the yard via whatsapp @ 8815 8752 or email to for us to better advise you.

Will your smoke detector have false alarm?

Our smoke detectors are anti-dust by design. What this means is the smoke detection chamber is engineered to minimize any other particles other than smoke from entering the chamber. That said, a smoke particle, while very small at <1mm in diameter, isn't the smallest particle, so any other particles smaller than a smoke particle may still enter the chamber, triggering a false alarm. Example of such smaller particles include face powder, talcum dust, corn starch to name a few.

Long story short, we cannot 100% guarantee that our smoke detectors will not have false alarms. But we have put in much research and engineering efforts to mitigate false alarms while not affecting its ability to detect smoke.

What should I do when the smoke detector starts ringing?

First of all, you have to assume it's a true alarm and you should investigate immediate surrounding area for any potential fire threats. In the event of a real fire threat, if you can put out the threat (eg fire blanket or fire extinguisher), do go ahead, else you should quickly execute your fire escape plan and get your family to safety.

If you had done your checks and confirmed that it's a false alarm, you can silence our detectors by pressing the silence / hush (which is the test) button.

Our smoke detectors come with easy to reach and big silence / hush button, so you do not need to get a stool / ladder. You can simply use an extended pole to reach for the silence / hush button. 

Upon pressing, the alarm will be deactivated for 9-10 minutes. Should it detect smoke again after 9-10 minutes, it will start ringing again.

If you are certain the detector is faulty, you should contact us via whatsapp @ 8815 8752 or email to and we will advise your accordingly. 

What should I do if the Low Battery warning light shows up?

Our smoke detectors are powered by lithium battery which has sufficient power for 10 years.

In the event the low battery warning light appears within the 1st 3 years, you can reach out to us via whatsapp @ 8815 8752 or email to for an exchange. 

If you have qualified for the 10 years battery warranty, you are eligible for exchange if the low battery warning light appears in the 1st 10 years.

Please refer to 10 years battery warranty FAQ below for more details.

Where should I keep the fire blanket if I only have 1 piece?

Ideally you would want to have 1 fire blanket in each room, living room and kitchen as you can't predict where the fire may start. But if you only have 1 piece, we would recommend your bedroom as

  1. if the fire starts in kitchen, you can still run to your bedroom to get the fire blanket to try to put out the kitchen fire, assuming fire is still small (eg fire in a pot).
  2. if the fire occurs at night when every one is sleeping, it's going to be very hard for you to make your way to any part of the home to get the fire blanket. Plus if the fire occurs outside your bedroom, there could be so much dense smoke built up that it may be near impossible to go to anywhere.
  3. following up on above point, it will be easier for you to get blanket from your bedroom to wrap around you/kids if any to try to escape out of home.

Does your smoke detector require cleaning? If yes, how?

All smoke detectors will require regularly cleaning. The main difference lies in how easy and how frequent.

Our smoke detectors are anti-dust by design, so they require less efforts to clean. You simply need to vacuum or a cloth to wipe to exterior. Because our smoke detectors do not require battery replacement, there is no need (and you should not attempt) to open up the detector to clean the inside.

Once a month cleaning is more than sufficient for our smoke detectors.

Can I test the smoke detector with real smoke?

DO NOT EVER DO THAT! When you burn something to produce smoke to test, carbon particles (natural byproduct of burning) will also enter the smoke detection chamber and stay there permanently, either affecting its ability to detect smoke or having more false alarms moving forward.

This is also the reason if the detector has been triggered by a real fire threat, you are required to replace and not reuse, regardless how visually un-damaged it may look. Refer to FAQ "Do I need to replace the detector?".

If you really must test with "smoke", you will need to use an industrial smoke tester. Reach out to us via whatsapp @ 8815 8752 or email to if you want to know more about this smoke tester.

I was told that I should test the smoke detector regularly. Why?

There are 2 main purposes of testing:

  1. To be familiar with how the alarm of your smoke detector sounds like. It's the same reason why the Public Warning System in Singapore is activated at least twice a year.  You may even want to  practice your fire escape plan with family during this time. 
  2. To ensure the detector is still powered up. While our smoke detectors will have low battery warning light and audio beep, one may not see the warning light if it's installed in a more remote location. Eventually the audio beep will also stop as battery runs out of power. At this point, the detector is non-operational.

We recommend testing once a week. It takes you less than a minute to test it. With an easy to reach and big test button in our smoke detectors, you do not need to get a stool / ladder to reach our detectors to test. You can simply use an extended pole to reach for the test button.

For clarity, the above testing (via a test button) is to verify that the circuitry is functional. It DOES NOT test if the smoke detection chamber is functional. To test the smoke detection chamber, you will need to use an industrial smoke tester. Reach out to us via whatsapp @ 8815 8752 or email to if you want to know more about this smoke tester. 

NEVER NEVER test the smoke detector with real smoke.

Do I need to replace the detector?

The circuitry and mechanism within our smoke detectors are designed to last for 10 years. Even the detector appears to be in working condition after 10 years, we highly recommend that you replace a new one. If you have purchased our smoke detector, we will email you when your 10th year is reaching to remind you. You do not have to remember it yourself.

The other case will be the detector has been triggered by a real fire threat. The reason is carbon particles within the smoke would have accumulated within the smoke detection chamber. Even if the detector isn't destroyed or visually damaged in any shape or form, it may no longer be able to effectively detect smoke. This puts your entire family into danger!

100 days money back guarantee

Because we are so confident of our smoke detectors, and we know nothing beats yourself actually using it, all our smoke detectors come with a 100 day money back guarantee.

In the event if you feel our smoke detectors are not working as we claim here, you can request for a refund. We will refund you the amount you had paid, less of SGD10 to cover logistics and processing costs incurred. In exchange, you will have to return our smoke detectors as well as any gifts that had come along with your initial purchase.

Full terms and conditions of this 100 days money back guarantee can be read in this link.

10 years battery warranty

All our smoke detectors come with standard 3 years battery warranty. To further extend the battery warranty by 7 years to 10 years as advertised, you will need to give us a genuine review / recommendation at our Facebook page

A good review motivates us. A not-so-good review pushes us to be better in that particular area. So give your genuine review. 

As long as a review / recommendation is given, you will qualify for the 10 years battery warranty program.

For a guide on how to give review / recommendation, please visit this link.

The 10 years battery warranty entitles you to complimentary on-site battery replacement should the low battery warning light appears within the 10 years of its intended usage. Full terms and conditions of this 10 years battery warranty can be read in this link.

I have a question that is not in your FAQ. Can you help me?

Yes, definitely. Simply whatsapp @ 8815 8752 or email to on your question and we would help to address it. You can also read up our Ultimate Smoke Detector Guide as it contains more in-depth information on smoke detectors.

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