Increase of Fire Incidents – Coincidence?

You may have noticed an increase of fire incidents lately. Is this just a coincidence?

Just in the month of April 2019, we have 4 fire incidents:

While the cause of fire varies from one to another, they have a common factor: electronic devices. Think of phones, tablets, PMDs, power banks etc. As technology becomes a more intimate part of our life (sometimes inseparable), it is unavoidable to have more and more electronics devices at home.

The explosion of online shopping has made it relatively easy to get similar products at a lower price from other sources. The problem with this is not all products are properly tested and certified.

Coupled with the fear of our electronic devices running out of power / low power when we need it, there is a tendency to keep these devices charged at all times. While good circuit designs should cut off the current when battery is fully charged, the challenge is we as consumers do not and have no means to tell if a device has a good circuit design, until unfortunately too late.

What can we do about this? Here’s a couple of best practices:

  1. Purchase electronics products only from reputable manufacturers.
  2. Purchase electronics products that have a SAFETY mark (below).
    Click here to read more about this SAFETY mark.
  3. Do not leave electronics products charged overnight.
  4. Unplug charging cable when device is fully charged, even during the day.
  5. Use the right type of cables (especially USB cables) for charging. While a data-transfer-USB cable looks identical as one that is designed for charging, a data-transfer-USB cable does not have the necessary heat insulation requirement.
  6. Avoid having multiples charging cables looped together. The heat produced can cause a fire outbreak, more so when the wrong types of cables are used.

With all the best practices above, does it mean we do not expect any more fire incidents? Unfortunately not, because

  • while you can practice above best practices, you cannot force someone to do the same. If a fire starts in their home, that fire can spread to you as well.
  • there are always the chance of faulty products despite it having SAFETY mark since it is samples of the product tested instead of every single individual pieces of the product.

Hence it is very important to know how to react when there is a fire outbreak.

As fire typically starts small, but can grow and spread fast, having easy access to a fire extinguisher can sometimes make a difference between a messy corner (when one uses the fire extinguisher) and a burnt down home.

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